What is Cancer/ Does it lead to death?

what is cancer
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What is Cancer | Does it lead to death?

What is cancer? Is it an easily transmitted disease or not? Should we be afraid of it? Cancer is not such a disease that simply can be defined. It is the name for a disease really consists of more than 100 varieties in which cells begin to grow out of control. These are immune cell clusters which are located throughout the body.  Some varieties of cancer cells grow at a high speed, while others grow at a slower rate.

The billions of cells that make up a healthy body develop and divide as the body need them to function on a regular basis. Healthy cells have a distinct life cycle, multiplying and dying in ways that are particular to the cell type. As old or damaged cells die, new ones take their place. This mechanism is disrupted by cancer, which results in aberrant cell proliferation. Changes or mutations in DNA cause it. Cancer kills over 70% of people in low- and middle-income nations.

What are the Reasons for cancer?

As previously stated, cancer is not a disease that can be described or explained in terms of the organ or body part in which it arises. There are many reasons for cancer. Sometimes the reasons may vary with the type of cancer. Some of the general or common reasons are avoidable but some cannot.

  • Smoking

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Mostly, males do this bad habit. If a person smokes more and more his lungs get blocked. Sometimes the healthy cells get weaker and die. Those cells cause lung cancers. And also there are nasal cancers called nasopharyngeal cancer which is not much common in terms.  Other than these, smoke-related factors such as workplace exposure to smokes of tobacco alter the DNA of the cells that line the interior of the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses.

  • Heavy alcohol consumption

This habit highly leads to cancers. By consuming alcohol frequently, damages the salivary gland of the body. And also it makes Esophageal ulcers, Stomach ulcers (gastritis) which are later causing the path for cancers related to the digestive system and other body parts.

  • Physical inactivity

Researchers and experts have found that regular exercise leads to lower cancer risks. But how? They furthermore explain that if a person stays for a long time of a day in a single posture, his or her blood flow and nutrition flow get lower. Did you notice that if you sit in a chair for 3,4 hours a day, you feel pain in your knees. Can’t stand without any help. And also exercise refresh your body activity even the respiratory system. So then the cancers related to the lungs get lower.

  •    Poor nutrition such as low fruit and vegetable consumption.

Nutritious food is one of the best ways to avoid cancers. If a person does not take the meals in a nutritious manner, he or she may simply welcome colorectal cancers later. And also poor nutrition is one of the reasons for colon, breast, kidney, gallbladder, and endometrium-related cancers. So always try to eat the fresh fruits and vegetables which consist with nutritions and be away from fast foods.

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  • A high body mass index

Keep in mind that check your BMI even once a quarter of a year. It is harmful to both less BMI and high BMI. So always be alert with your body weight especially. Try to be away from obesity.

These are just a few examples of the reasons and excess body weight and even the uncleanliness or not maintaining the body properly may cause trouble for you. The above causes for cancer can be avoided but there are most significant unavoidable factors such as genes and age.

What are the types of cancer?

Do you know? Even if cancers spread to other places of the body, so far may have named it by the area where it starts and the type of cell they are comprised of. As an example, if cancer begins in the breast, you name it breast cancer. But have you ever known that there are many types of cancers that you don’t know the terms or the places they arise even? Here we are going to mention some of the cancer types you know and do not know!

  • Leukemia
  • Breast cancers
  • Lung cancers
  • Kidney cancers
  • melanoma
  • liver cancers
  • Colon and rectal
  • Bladder cancer

What are the signs of cancer?

For this question, the answer is “it depends on the place where the cancer is located”. As an example, if you have breast cancer, it causes some pain, emission of liquid or such from the nipple, lump in the breast, etc. If you are an alcohol user or a smoker and feel uncomfortable with respiration, it may be a bad sign for such a disease.

So we need you to be aware of some of the general symptoms of cancers.

How to be away from cancer?

Please go through the reasons for cancers and then you should avoid such reasons. Cancer can arise anywhere in your body so then you need to be alert to a single inch of your body. If you feel pain, the abnormal thickness of certain body parts, think a bit. We don’t say it is exactly cancer. But, be alert! Infections that are difficult to cure, persisting vomiting, sudden loss or increment of body weight and pressure, loss of appetite, unusual bleedings are acceptable symptoms of most cancers. So if you are with awareness, you can avoid not only cancers but also all other diseases.

We will meet you again with the article “Types of cancers” to give you a sound knowledge of different types of cancers. If you are a healthy person, read this to avoid cancer! If you feel that you have affected cancer, don’t worry! Be happy! There are treatments for everything in this developing world. So, be healthy! We will guide you!

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