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family life-types of counseling

There are many categories of counseling and it totally depends on the person who receives the service and the case. Some of them in contrast, marriage, adult, family, career, education counseling and so forth.

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Marriage and Family Counselling

family counseling
Marriage Counseling, Marital Counseling, Pre-marital Counseling, marital Sex Counseling can be categorized under this theme. People have many problems while holding on their family they feel uncomfortable and hard to cope with their whole life. The result is conflicts among the family members. This type of issues are addressed by family counseling. By this counseling method, those affected people are supported to overcome their challenges.

Educational Counselling

educational counseling

A student who has passed out of school has no idea what career to choose. There is nothing to be worried. Educational counselling supports such students to choose their career path. In here the counsellors conduct seminars and private sessions and offer solutions accordingly with discussing the preference of their clients. The issue may be Exam phobia, Weakness for the subject, Absentmindedness, Problem of selecting subjects, less interest for studies, fear to attend school (pre-school), or something related.

Mental Health Counselling

Mental illnesses are one of most commonest issues nowadays. If anybody pays a smooth awareness towards such a person of mental illness without knowing the issue, but could be noticed the symptoms. So that person can refer him to a good mental health counsellor. Depression, Bipolar disorder, ADHD are some of the mental illnesses. This type of counselling session focuses on above issues and support to resolve them for a better life with a mental solace.

Career Counseling

career counseling

The target of this category of counseling is with  career development. A person may be fed up with his job, with the workers or the workload he receives. Such problems do not seem to be a decisive condition to an outsider. But it may have already developed into a major psychological damage to the person concerned. As an example, a graduate can have the occupation which is totally opposite to his degree. It is not his career choice. So he is not satisfied with everything he does. This leads to create conflicts within the workplace too. A Good counsellor can build up career attitudes, treat the career stress and support the person to overcome his negative mentality.

Adult Counseling

adult counseling

Why an adult needs counseling? It may due to emotional or physical matter. Poor bond with parents and children, less caring by the children may be the reason. However, when the adult counseling is conducting, it is important to attend the children also. Because some adults suspect the children without a reason. It is only his thought. Such adults reject to live with the children and find elderly homes. The children may feel shame on this way of acts if they are respectful persons already in the society. Such conditions may lead to create conflicts within the family, and even at the workplace. Some people are totally opposite to this. They themselves feel loneliness and they tend to have adult counseling by understanding their situation. Anyhow, It is clear that Adult counseling is very much popular all over the world nowadays.

Reproductory Health counseling

reproductive health

When a person inherits mental and physical well beings, he take decisions related to the reproduction, spend a satisfied sexual life without issues of the reproductory system. If a person losses one or more factors, he may loss his mentality. It may create big issues with the life. As an example a husband may need to have sexual relationship with the wife, but wife may not need. Therefore fights between wife and husband may occur. Though wife is fear of sexual relationship if she does not express it and talk with her husband they may misunderstand each other. They quickly fed up with their marital life. Sometimes there may be a person who does not accept the children. Not only these matters, if a couple need to have more awareness about family planning, to remove Maternal Stress are concerned in reproductory health counseling to recover their lives and live happily.

Drug Counseling

drug counseling

People who are addicted to alcohol and other drugs referred for this . Some people tend to hurt themselves and even to commit suicide. Not only they hurt themselves, but they may not think twice to make an accident for anothers’ life asking them for drugs. If it is so, it affects in a critical way for whole society. It is really difficult for them to give up these addictions. So drug counseling help such people to overcome this issue.


Rehabilitation Counselling

rehabilitation counseling

Rehabilitation counseling is so much differ from other counseling categories. People who have emotional and physical disabilities are concerned for this. There are schools and institutions where such disabled people can learn and to live independently doing some sort of self-employments.. Authorized persons are there to take care of them.  But there may be some issues with them while adopting the society and cope with the society. Here the counsellors teach such people the way to live independently and to maintain good jobs. ·

Grief Counseling

grief counseling

Bereavement is another term for grief. This type of counseling supports people to cope with the loss of a loved one. A grief counselor help you there to develop methods and techniques to cope with ones’ loss and grief which may be long lasting. Through discussing their emotions, the counsellor can help them to rebuild their mentality better than before.

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