Tattoo – Beyond the trend

tattoo fashion

Tattoo is not just a type of body modification, but it is the art beyond the trend someone showing his attitudes and thinking most probably. It is a body modification form which is done by the insertion of ink or dyes into the dermis layer of the skin to create an artistic design. In this process, a tattoo expert pierces one’s body by a tool like a needle machine and insert the ink through it. Mostly this tattooing is painful but not for all.

Looking back to the history of tattoo

Tattooing has a long history. There is evidence that a lady mummy from Egypt which belongs to C.2000 B.C has tattoos in her body and limb. In Egypt, the female servants who did the therapeutic service such like spas in modern world, have tattooed their bodies. But it is not for their willingness but only for identifying them to the lords. Prostitutes had tattoo with symbols indicating they are such models to have the service. Not only the females, but also the male laborers had tattoos their bodies to identify that those are slaves. So then nobody can escape from the area untill they lost this tattoo symbol. The commonest assumption is that the tattooing has done with a sharp point set in a wooden handle at past.


It is just for your awareness and if need to know more about history, go through this link.

Why having a tattoo?

Most cultural and tribal groups from the very ancient times have get their bodies tattooed as a cultural or spiritual reminder of their traditions and to show the belongingness to a group. Someone may have a tattoo for the attention. As it is now a trendy fashion, most of the people try to have a tattoo in their body. Other than this, people get a tattoo for reasons such as self-expression, artistic freedom, sexual motivation, addiction, signs of religious beliefs.

When focusing the reason sexual motivation, if you well focused a prostitute, most probably they have a common tattoo such as a butterfly, a flower or nude girl near to the breast, back of the body, upper part of the leg or in the belly. Such countries like Sri Lanka, those prostitutes stand at the streets at night time; but rarely at day time and dress in red or black which way their tattoos are visible for lookers.

There are young girls who really love art so they follow trends frequently. Having a tattoo also an art and the girls most probably compel to follow this kind of body modification as it beautify their body. Most young males used to have tattoos and they are with the radical mindsets. The freedom of art and to show the self they try such fashions.

Other than this for showing the love towards someone, for example a boy get a tattoo of his girlfriend or a husband get a tattoo of his wife and baby’s image on his chest to make memorable and show them how much valuable they are for him.


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Tattoo exists for a long time in the skin if it is done using needle or machines. But do you know there are new ways to draw a tattoo temporary. One way is henna tattoo simply says “Mehendi”. There the preferred design is drawn on the skin using a henna-based ink without any cutting or piercing. This henna is an extract of a plant in countries such as North Africa and India. People turn this Henna leaves into a paste or a powder and then mix with one of these liquids; water, tea, or lemon juice.

henna tattoo

People who get tattoo as a trend usually get henna tattoos rather than permanent tattoo. Because this tattoos remove within a short time period. So then they can have another tattoo with their preferences. So if you are willing to have a tattoo but not an idea about a design, we would recommend these designs for you. Try it!

Finally we should highlight you that whatever you do, check whether how it would affect you and the society. Find out the possible negatives of the fashion you selected. Do not follow the trend without thinking and experimenting how far it is matching to you.