Is the Keto Craze Increasing Penis Odor?

Diet fads come and go with remarkable frequency, which isn’t to suggest they don’t have advantages; it’s just that there always seems to be some new diet that gets a lot of attention for at least a short period of time. The keto (ketogenic) diet made its debut recently and swiftly gained popularity. As it has grown in popularity, concerns have been raised regarding whether it may be linked to any penile health issues, most notably penis odor.

About the keto diet

The keto diet’s underlying principle is not new, and it has been the foundation of numerous past diet trends. The basic concept is to reduce carbs while increasing proteins and lipids. When the body only absorbs a limited amount of carbs, it has less readily available components for maintaining blood sugar levels. When carbs are scarce, the body turns to fats and proteins for energy. And when it occurs, a person’s weight loss accelerates.

The keto diet is named after the process of generating energy from fats and proteins, which is known as ketosis.

Distinct smell

It didn’t take long for others to realize that many committed keto dieters had acquired a distinct odor. This is due to a number of variables, one of which is that the keto diet causes the body to produce more ketones, which are created when fat is used for fuel. Although this is a normal process, one of the side effects is an increase in the production of acetone, which is the same substance found in nail polish remover. When a person sweats or urinates, an acetone-like stench may be released.

Furthermore, burning stored body fat releases any poisons that have been buried in that fat, and their distinct scents will be added to the sweaty mix.

Finally, proteins are broken down by the keto diet, and they have a characteristic odor, similar to ammonia.

All of these odors can mingle in the crotch, where the increased warmth from two layers of clothes provides a warm, damp environment ideal for odors. When a man removes his underpants, he may experience an extremely strong penis stench.


Naturally, everyone’s body is different and processes things differently. Some persons on the keto diet may experience only a little rise in noticeable penile odor, while others may experience a severe case of penis odor.

The good news is that the odour problem is only transient for many people. If a person follows the keto diet for a few weeks or months, their bodies will have adjusted to the new diet and the strong odour will fade.

Meanwhile, males must take precautions to reduce penile odour to the greatest extent possible. Clearly, bathing with a light soap every day, or more frequently if necessary, is beneficial, especially if one is physically active and sweats a lot. It’s also beneficial to “air out” the penis as much as possible, which may be accomplished by sleeping naked.

Another thing guys on the keto diet may do to help keep penile odor at bay is to use a high-quality penis health oil on a regular basis (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil , which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). It’s critical that the oil you choose includes vitamin A. Why? Because this beautiful, beneficial vitamin has antibacterial qualities, it can aid in the reduction of chronic penile odor. The oil should ideally also include alpha lipoic acid. This powerful antioxidant protects penile skin from free radical damage by battling them.