Dream | Dream without sleeping

Dream without sleeping

If you search what a dream means from Google, it is a series of thoughts, images, and sensations happening in one’s mind while sleeping. The dream you actually have while sleeping explains more than you think. A person who has suffered or is presently suffering unpleasant responses such as violence may have predominantly frightening and painful dreams. Such people are with negative personalities in their real life. They always try to be away from society as they hate it, or it may come to a level of harming others too.

How does a dream happen?

Caring and lovely memories and experiences leads to positive and cheerful dreams. Those people with the personalities of caring sharing and loving the outer world become successful.

Sometimes a person may be broken on the inside, but they try to convince themselves that they are well and happy. They are sometimes fine now, but they have painful memories and events many years ago. People may have such terrifying and difficult dreams if those type of memories and events stored in their unconscious mind.

That is why, as we already stated, dreams are more than you realize.

But hold on! A dream is more than just the meaning you discovered. Do you believe that a dream can totally change one’s life? Yes, exactly! An athlete has the dream since his or her childhood to perform at an international competition. A dancer has the dream since he starts his first step to perform to a massive audience.

Do you have a dream?

Everyone has their own dreams. Dreams are the silent motivators to have hopes. What was yours? Have you made your dreams into reality? If you have dreams in your life, you need to think along with the dream then it becomes a hope in your life. That is the point you try and work hard to achieve that hope. If you are “Get Set”, then this is your chance to “Go”. So nobody can stop or avoid your happiness. But remember, if you are just dreaming and you drop those dreams off when you awaken you are a hopeless person.

So…. dream… when you awaken !